Foxes trashed again by Daily Mail smear campaign


This awful piece of character assassination must not be allowed to stick.

I smelled a rat immediately. But something much more unpleasant than an innocent rodent. Firstly the article is written by someone called “DAILY MAIL REPORTER” – obviously someone who wants to hide their identity and/or their affiliations. Shabby from the start.

Then the story is so full of ‘shock horror revelations’, about ‘deadly urban fox disease’ … it absolutely reeks of the worst kind of attempt at manipulating people into hating our beautiful wild animals – the foxes. I checked the facts. This story is RUBBISH. I am reliably informed by people who have worked with wild animals all their lives that this alleged connection between foxes and a disease – which is in any case quite curable – is a travesty. Apparently this lung-worm disease is absolutely NOT transmitted by foxes – this is a complete fabrication … and Save-Me challenges the Daily Mail to publish evidence to support these ridiculous claims.

Anne Brummer tells me lung-worm is very frequently found in hedgehogs – because they eat infected snails, etc … and occasionally cats contract it the same way – but she has never known a fox to carry the disease.

THIS STORY IS NOT JUST RUBBISH – it is certainly a conscious effort on someone’s part to foster hatred and distrust of foxes … country or urban it does not matter which. Who benefits from such a campaign of distortion of the truth? Go figure. Pull back the curtain and we will doubtless see the twisted hand of the Countryside Alliance … trying to manipulate public opinion into allowing them to bring back legal hunting with dogs … the vile ‘sport’ of fox-hunting … which must be stamped upon ever harder … as must all cruel and inhuman behaviours.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD .. Tweet, or whatever … the DAILY MAIL is trying to manipulate us into seeing foxes as villains. IT IS NOT TRUE.

Stand up for our wild animals – against the forces of those who need cruelty in their sad lives. We MUST fight this insidious propaganda.

Support SAVE-ME ! Tell your friends ! Challenge evil ancient traditions. Bring the British Isles into a better future. Let us pass on a world for our grandchildren where all creatures are respected.



VILIFIED AGAIN … the long-suffering British Fox.