Grand National


[The League Against Cruel Sports wants raise public awareness of how dangerous the Grand National Race is for the horses. Since 1996, 14 horses have died during or after the race. LACS has sent an Open Letter to The Times newspaper calling for the course to be made safer – not seeking to ban but suggesting changes such length of the course and reducing height of fences. Along with others, Brian added his endorsement to the letter as follows:]

In horse racing, as in all traditional practices, there has to be a constant reappraisal of what is acceptable, in the light of current knowledge and moral standards. It is clear that the number of horses mortally injured in the Grand National is unacceptably high – achieving no purpose to man or beast. If the race is to continue, it is time to insist that proper health and safety measures are now introduced, ensuring the safety of the animals, human and non-human, who take part in this event. It’s not rocket science … the jumps need to be made less dangerous. We have no right to force horses to face death in the name of entertainment.

Brian May
Founder of the Save-Me campaign (