Open letter to The Metro


Ha ! No, it’s you who are ludicrous, Ms. Grace Blest-Hopley. You are also hopelessly misinformed – there is no way a fox can be called vermin in this country, any more than a lion can be called vermin in Africa. Yes .. they both need to eat … but I presume from your callous comments you yourself are not a vegetarian, dear Grace? So, as an eater of meat, perhaps you can be classed as vermin? Your kind are on the way out. You will soon be nothing more than another part of our shameful history, along with the slave traders and those who thought tradition justified them burning witches at the stake. Fox-hunting is the most cowardly sport of all, and will never be legal again. Get over it.

Brian May

Biting back - news clip

It's time to bring back the hunt - news clip