End animal circuses now !!!!


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I have posted this alert to the Independent’s petition on our old Facebook page. Let’s END the shameful use of wild animals in circuses. – Bri

This is a no-brainer, of course .. and another clear indication that we have a government that has no regard for animal welfare whatsoever. I believe that this is one moment when ALL the animal-aware organisiations can combine their efforts and win this one. We can at least highlight the fact that we have the wrong kind of leadership right now. And perhaps we can even get this bad decision reversed.

This is a moment when we can all make a significant difference to the future of animals in the UK. The climate of public opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of consigning the practice of using wild animals in circuses forever to the past. But, according to reports in the Independent, in spite of the fact that the Government’s own DEFRA department has recommended that a ban is brought into force, The Prime Minister has personally blocked its implementation in the last few days.


The Independent, backed by all concerned animal campaigns, including Virginia McKenna’s Born Free, has mounted a petition to persuade Number 10 Downing Street that they need to listen to us – and make the required move towards ending this abuse of animals, once and for all. Please take a moment to sign this one.


http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/circusanimals [no longer available]


Here is a message from Will Travers of the Born Free Foundation:

“It’s not often that a political decision is made that seems certain to disappoint almost everyone but, given the overwhelming level of public support for an end to the exploitation of wild animals in circuses, it’s no exaggeration to say that news that No 10 may have deliberately sabotaged the long-awaited plans for a ban will leave the vast majority of the British public rightly outraged (report, 6 May).

Concerns for the welfare of animals in circuses have been voiced publicly and in Parliament for decades. Finally, when the Animal Welfare Act became a reality in 2007, it seemed that, at last, there was a prospect of real closure on this troubling issue – indeed that’s what ministers have promised. But what have we got? Hot air and empty promises.

And throughout all the years of talk, wild animals continued to be subjected to wasted lives in travelling circuses – shunted from pillar to post, living in temporary accommodation, trained using undisclosed methods, and, as evidenced most recently by the case of Anne the elephant, subjected to brutal and prolonged abuse.

Now, instead of listening to the people, it seems that as a result of the personal intervention of the Prime Minister’s office – over-ruling advice from Defra – this wholly unacceptable, deeply unpopular and exploitative use of wild animals is set to continue.

No. In the grand scheme of things, ending the use of wild animals in circuses isn’t the most pressing political priority. It won’t change the world – but it will change the world for each and every wild animal in a circus by replacing compulsion, coercion and cruelty with compassion. I urge everyone to take action by signing The Independent’s petition.”

Will Travers
CEO, Born Free Foundation