Hounds Off – A new initiative …



Hounds Off



This is an entirely new initiative which Save Me is endorsing – one of the most innovative and positive steps in recent times … designed to hasten the demise of the Old Guard who still think it is cool to hunt real foxes to death for their amusement..

This project – HOUNDS OFF – is designed to coordinate the will of all those people who do not wish their land to be used for hunting. Small and large land-owners alike will be able to contribute to the scheme, which will gradually whittle away the available spaces for the Hunts to do their dirty deeds, and also help those who have been intimidated by pressure from their local Hunt to operate with combined strength.

PLEASE HELP ! Let’s ALL contribute to a future with a cruelty-free countryside.

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Of course … we will all be taking a different view of the Hunts which really have endorsed the cruelty-free ways of drag-hunting … as long as they are not using Fox scent.