Natalie Aley


Natalie – our Natasha – steps out !



Some of you will remember our great, but somewhat ill-fated Russian production of We Will Rock You in Moscow.

One of its stars, one of our two lovely Scaramouches was Natasha Aleikina.

We kept in touch, and Natasha bravely moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, to concentrate on her singing career.

I’m happy to report she’s found a great situation, and is making great music.

Her new professional name is Natalie Aley.

Here are a couple of links. I think you guys will like what she’s doing. The Music Business is not easy for a new singer/songwriters today, and I often wonder how Joni Mitchell would have fared in today’s suffocating climate .. but here is a highly talented girl who is winning the battle for recognition.

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