Pre-emptive soloing !


Pre-emptive soloing ! From one beautiful Christmas song ! This might lodge the tune nicely in your head – ready for the release of the Kerry Ellis Christmas record !! Ft. Brian May, apparently. Soon !!

Brian May: Pre-emptive soloing 15 Nov 2020

Hi Folks

– those of you who are still following me, I greet you with love and gratitude.

It’s been a while since we spoke this way and really I haven’t had the energy. Occasionally I do but I don’t know how I did all those micro concerts from the first lockdown, I don’t know where I found the time or the energy, but anyway here I am.

i was doing some messages for some folks who needed help, which I sometimes do, so I thought I’d send a message to you guys, which is a very early Merry Christmas and early very Merry Christmas and I’ll play a little piece that you haven’t heard yet on a record but hopefully you will – goes like this


The last bit isn’t actually on there. That’s just, just a piece of nonsense for you – but you know this old guitar still works. It must be all of  three months old and this is the one that’s going to get auctioned for the Cancer Charities, so i’ll give you more information about that soon.

But meanwhile may i wish you a very early Merry Christmas and that little piece is from a record called – ooh … should I tell you? … Well it’s a Christmas record and it will have the name of Kerry Ellis on it and featuring someone a lot like me.

So God bless you all and hang in, okay. Hang in and be careful because the Government guidelines probably gonna help but they’re not enough to protect you. You’ve got to protect yourself and protect all those around you, okay – and we’ll all come out of this with any luck,

God bless