Subo you have to be there


[Replying to a letter from Daniel Cameron, pointing out Susan Boyle has recorded “You Have To Be There”. See LETTERS]

I actually had no idea this had happened … and of course, there is no reason why I should – since the song is not mine, and neither the authors nor the performer would have any obligation to let us know. I haven’t heard Susan’s version, and maybe it’s better that I don’t, for now. Yes, of course it’s disappointing … I would love to have got massive airing for Kerry’s album, which I regard as something very special – including this song. But our situation did not turn up these opportunities. Not yet, anyway. You might think that I have a lot of power in the business, but … well, it’s best I don’t go into details; suffice it to say that I found it all terminally frustrating, watching opportunities slip by out there.

Susan Boyle, like her or not, is a massively successful artist, and, to be honest, Benny and Bjorn would have been mad to try to stop her recording their song; and probably they couldn’t say no, even if they wanted to ! Because once a song is published, anybody can record it, with no further permissions needed, unless the song is significantly changed.

So … there it is.

I thanks you for your concern. I have faith. I think, as Freddie used to say … ” Talent will OUT! “

Hopefully if there are enough discerning people like yourself out there, it will not take very long.