Subo You Have To Be There – Letter


Daniel Cameron wrote:

Dear Brian,

I hold you in the highest regards and have the highest respect for you, and it is with this that I truly am flabbergasted that it has been allowed for Susan Boyle to so publicly release and promote this song in the USA before yourself and Kerry who have produced a vastly superior version both musically and vocally. To watch Susan Boyle be applauded and praised for her lesser version being performed on America’s Got Talent, I cant help but feel cheated by her and feel that this could have been Kerry up there singing it, as she and yourself deserve the praise much more than Susan for your version of the song. Surely with your star power (even before your most recent high exposure performing at the VMA’S with Lady Gaga), you would be able to have snagged Kerry some precious US TV air time and promotion? I understand things are more complicated than I appear to make them seem, but I, along with so many of yours and kerry’s supporters are so frustrated that Kerry seems to still be not widely recognised, while much lesser talents are so widely appraised and loved. The only real reason I can think of in my mind for such a thing comes down simply to lack of proper promotion and publicity. We need you and kerry’s partnership in music brought to the masses! Please share your thoughts on this, I would love to hear what you think on these issues.

Yours Sincerely

Brian replied:

Thanks Daniel.

I appreciate you writing.

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