Total cattle in England


Here’s a very pertinent point, on the infamous proposed badger cull, made by a couple of my trusted correspondents …

And you have to add to this the fact that every respected scientist in the field is advising that the cull will probably not even help that half a per cent of cows … it may make things worse for the farmers.

There truly is NO acceptable justification for this murderous cull of innocent creatures.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who has been helping us get signatures on that Petition. We are over 75,000 now, and the goal of 100,000, which we need in order to be able to ask for a debate on the issue in the House, is in sight. We need YOU !!! !!!

(and Dr. Bri)

Subject: Total cattle in England
Date: 21 September 2012 10:19:13 GMT+01:00

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Dear Brian,

Great interview in Farmers Weekly!

When they say 26,000 cattle were slaughtered for TB control in England in 2011, you could point out that there were 5.4 million cattle in England in 2011 according to Defra’s figures. A loss of less than 1/2 a per cent is no justification for decimating the badger population.

For confirmation of figures see, page 2

All the best, G & D.

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