DEFRA is short-staffed?


I’ve just been sent a link to DEFRA’s ‘debunking’ of a myth about cattle vaccine being closer than they have been telling us. In other words, that my article in the Mail on Sunday is a lie.

Well, they must be short-staffed – because all they’ve done here is repeat what they’ve been saying all along – it seems like they didn’t actually read the article.

All I can say is … History will tell who has the correct information.

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there are people involved in these matters who are determined to kill, no matter how strong the arguments against it are.Badger uThat’s not everybody … I know some of them sincerely believe that culling is the magic pill.

But it must be getting harder and harder to ignore the evidence against that view.

There are people on the other side that I still respect – decent men.

I am praying that just one of them will wake up tomorrow morning and think: –

“This is wrong” – and have the courage to say so.