In the Daily Telegraph…



A very predictable stereotyped bit of anti-badger propaganda, here in the Telegraph. [“The murky 21st-century tale of Tommy Brock and Mr Grant”]

It’s worth reading just to see how transparently the trumped-up claims are made, the smears on these wonderful and utterly innocent animals. The assumption that badgers are the cause of the spread of bTB (refuted by the John Bourne, and an ncreasing number of farmers alike). The misinformation about culls overseas – the facts cherry-picked to try to make a point. The assertion that the ‘rise’ of badgers (there is not a shred of evidence that badger population is on the increase in the UK) ‘has led to the decline of hedgehogs, ground-nesting birds and bumblebees.’ All completely unsubstantiated claims. Look in your garden shed, Mr Charles Moore, to see why these animals are disappearing – you will see the reason in the poisons – slug pellets, weedkillers, pesticides, that we throw recklessly on our land.

There are disgraceful slurs on the RSPCA here, and its brilliant new CEO, Gavin Grant, a man who not only cares, but has the courage to go into battle for the welfare of animals, just as did Wilberforce when the Society was founded. And of course, while this kind of writer tries to dismiss animal advocates as emotionally motoivated and ‘fanatical’, he spends the first four paragraphs on Beatrix Potter!

This is a deeply irresponsible, inflammatory, and worse than worthless article, Mr Moore. Shame on you.