Letter from a farmer


I think this letter says it all. And we know that your privacy has to be respected.

Many thanks
– Bri

Dear Brian,

We are witnessing madness from Paterson and his cronies. They are building a completely false picture of bTB just to support their obsessive demands to shoot badgers.

The plan to impose annual testing on so many more farms is bound to result in more cases detected, giving them more ammunition, in their minds, to kill badgers.

It’s complete topsy-turvy insanity, riding on the back of more and more farmers – who will be the ones to suffer.

We’re praying for an uprising amongst the farming community against Paterson and the NFU.

If the enlightened don’t make their voices heard soon, then they deserve the rack and ruin that will follow, when it becomes obvious that the badger cull ‘cure’ is a farce

. The postponement of the cull has made most people lose concentration, but hang on in there, nothing stays the same.

Best wishes,

E & H

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