Truly memorable night in Leamington


 It was a truly memorable night in Leamington.

I am just so glad we got ourselves together to do this tour …. it’s amazing.

Bury was great … and it had the enormous extra tension of a first night ….

But tonight in Leamington Spa, we actually played less songs, but talked more, improvised more, were more confident, and the audience somehow had a magic touch …

They filled the place with warmth and the right kind of sounds … joined in at every opportunity … which always loosens us up.

And after my jokey request for them to stamp … the sound the audience made was EXACTLY perfect for WWRY … I don’t think I ever heard it work so well …

Of course the actual hall played a big part … a pretty perfect place for the intimate show we’d planned … but that sure was a great bunch of people.

Glad we have all grown up together.

Really looking forward to Corby.