A big step forward in animal welfare and science


Today I am headed to the launch at the Houses of Parliament of the first professorial chair in Replacement Science.

It has been sponsored and created at Queen Mary College by The Dr Hadwen Trust, which has been working for a number of years on finding ways of replacing experiments using live animals.

I will be speaking towards the end of the launch, this lunchtime at the HOC.

It’s great to be part of an initiative that really is making headway in the fight against cruelty to animals. It’s helped by the fact that there is a lot of support for this work in the scientific community as a whole, and there has been support from the European Parliament.

This comes on a day when advances are being made elsewhere too … see the story on Joanna Page and the banning of cosmetics tested on animals in Europe.


If we only had a government in the UK whose heart was in the right place ….


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