Easter thoughts


A very Happy Easter to all !

Thanks for passing by Bri’s Soapbox. I’m still here, speaking up when I am moved to do so. In speaking out, I attract some disapproval from time to time. But ruffling of the feathers of the Dark Side is confirmation that we are doing something good !

The spirit of Easter, as I see it, is definitely the triumph of good over evil.

Of life over death.

What an amazing concept. You don’t have to be a devotee of the Christian religion to appreciate this (though it probably helps !)

What an amazing, inspiring story.

Let us allow ourselves to be inspired by the story of Jesus.

Onwards !

Peace to all creatures !

With love



And prayers for our dear friend Nelson Mandela at this time.
We were fortunate to spend many precious days in his company,
organising the Green Point 46664 concert.

Surely there is no more magnificent example
in our time
of a man who transcended cruelty and injustice,
threw aside thoughts of revenge against those who had wronged him
and built a new dream on forgiveness.

We wish you victory over your illness, Madiba,
and a joyful Easter.

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