Josephine is alive


New Life – a second chance.


This is Josephine. A very small orphan. She’s just 3 weeks old.

She’s not even a handful – except at 2-hourly intervals during the night, when she needs the bottle, says Anne. !

Josephine was delivered to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue three days ago by the RSPCA. She is still wobbly on her legs, and has that puppy-like brown face of a tiny fox cub (the vet who brought her to the RSPCA initially thought she was a puppy).

Josephine stereo

She’s our second rescuee this year … the other, Napoleon, was quite sick when he arrived and is still struggling … we are hoping his antibiotics will kick in soon and pull him out of danger.

But Jo is in good form, gently blinking at the world, enjoying some TLC from a surrogate mother. When she grows bigger she will reject us humans … and a good thing too, of course. We, as a race, are not to be trusted. But little Jo knows nothing of this. For the time being she is safe, and heading towards a second chance, when she is ready, out where she belongs – in the wild. Some day, every animal on Earth will be granted this chance. But that will be along the road. Right now, in a small way, unhindered by those on the Dark Side who would apply the word ‘vermin’ to this little creature, we are able to give back life.

Happy Easter !