Badger flash mob


Contrary to lurid rumours in the Press (where do they get this stuff ?), I’m not dressing up in a badger suit today, and I’m not leading the Flash Mob outside DEFRA.

It’s all been organised by Lush, as part of their nationwide campaign to save Britain’s badgers.

It’s actually not my song they are dancing to, either, though I helped to produce it (and there might be some Flash influence in there!)

The song is by Weebl … the talented and mysterious Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom artist; and badger friendly kids from all over Britain have put a lot of work into this event.

I’m working to tough deadlines in the studio today. But our team will be there, (as well as 50 badger dancers!) outside DEFRA in Smith Square in London at 12 noon, filming for a related project – so –

Please, if you are in the area, DO GO ALONG to support Lush’s excellent campaign. There might also be an opportunity to be in our video!

It all helps spread the word, vital if we are to have any chance of saving the thousands of badger families threatened by the impending Government massacre.

Brock On !