Stereoscopic joy !


 [Replying to a some questions on stereoscopy – see LETTERS}

That’s such an interesting letter, Nikè.

Thanks for giving me this detail – it’s all informative. I think your method of free viewing is very good, and worth communicating to others who are starting out in 3-D viewing. So, with your permission, I’ll ‘publish’ this on site ?

There are many reasons for some stereos being easier to view than others. There is content itself, including clues for the brain to lock into, the separation of the images, and especially the infinities (if our eyes are being asked to diverge, they don’t like it)… and, often in the case of classic stereos, the alignment is a big issue – the brain doesn’t like any rotational discrepancies between images, or vertical misalignments. In working on the cards which I now publish as part of the LSC, I try to take all these into consideration, and make cards which everyone is comfortable with.

As for the feeling of enhancement in 3-D as opposed to 2-D, I agree, and I think it’s absolutely real. Our brains relish having all these minute differences of parallax to ‘read’ – and we feel a sense of joy at feeling the same sensation as if we were really ‘there’ – rather than just looking at a flat image. To me this joy from 3-D images never goes away.

All the very best