From the cull zone – Saturday


 03.33 I’m crashing now. For a 4-week ago knee replacement surgery survivor, I’ve probably walked far enough today. THANKS to all I spoke to today.. P.S. Pics tomorrow, hopefully, when I have good signal. Cheers all – thanks – I learned a lot today. Bri

01.22 Well, very hard to get Twitter signal when you’re out trekking in Badger Massacre country. But I had an amazing evening with some great folk. The police were in attendance as we walked around some of the vulnerable badger setts and were very courteous and helpful, supportive, even met with a hundred or so peaceful protesters of all ages – just one group out of many. Some had come from afar – Liverpool, Hull, Lakes ….From the many stories I heard, not all police have behaved kindly. But when they’ve arrested protesters they ‘un-arrested’ them soon after.