The Freddie Film – a vital moment


For us, a day to DO something, marking a date where we feel a cold wind. And we did.

Roger and I met with Graham King, the patient man who has been piloting our Freddie film through tricky waters this last couple of years.

And we had a fabulous breakthrough moment. We saw some trial footage which brought big smiles to our faces, and made three decisions which will enable us to press that vital button this coming week, barring inclement acts of the Gods. So we should be actually shooting footage before long. It will come quicker than we think. T

his is a good wind blowing. Freddie must be smiling, with a glint in the eye.

Cheers all

Til soon


PS: Huge concern in the Vet community that trapping badgers in this weather is inhumane and should cease. Expect news tomorrow. The last straw ?

Shocking information … WESTERN GAZETTE – Shock figures over land in badger cull – 21 November 2013 So why did they REALLY cull ? Can it be because badgers might interfere with shooting birds?


Brian and Freddie on stage