Maybe the most important newspaper article of the year …


This article sums up brilliantly what every Man, Woman and Child in Britain needs to know about what is happening under this awful, awful Government led by David Cameron. If you want to know what is really happening to our country, please read this at least once.

I have been an a-political person most of my life … meaning I felt that most of the important problems in the world were not political. But since I began actively trying to get justice for animals, I have seen more and more behind the veil, witnessed the real sordid web that is is being woven in the corridors of power as we speak, as we breathe, as you read this. Behind that veil of apparent decency, politicians are constantly scheming for their own ends. And this Government is working flat-out to enhance the power of the rich to squash the poor. The issue of Fox hunting is one facet of it … it’s an icon to those who are desperately clinging to their perceived right to abuse anything simply because they can. Because their fathers and grandfathers could. But this is the tip of a giant iceberg. The current badger slaughter policy looks like a very different issue, but the same vested interests are working here, the same corrupt machinations … corrupt because they grasp more and more power for a small group of old-moneyed, influential people. We are seeing, thanks to the work of some dedicated campaigners, the truth about how Cameron is, under cover, dismantling the National Health, and eroding the rights of the disabled. I’m still adamant that I am politically neutral, especially since we as campaigners for decency have advocates in ALL parties, but it’s time for people to start realising what this Government really stands for, before it is too late, and Britain is plunged back into feudal barbarity.

However, don’t listen to me … listen to George Montbiot. If you read nothing else this week, please read this.

And let’s do something about it !


Look into his eyes. While the rest of us are suffering ‘austerity’, this man is channeling monies from you the tax-payer, to subsidise his mates’ game-shoots. Are you angry yet ?

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