The Selfie Stick Culture


I’m fascinated by the change that’s taken place in the way we, as tourists, behave out there. We used to take our Brownie box cameras to the world’s beauty spots and capture the world around us, to take away and savour later at our leisure. But now we seem to go out and find the best view available, then turn our backs to it, and take a picture of ourselves ! Yes, the selfie culture has taken over. What does this tell us about ourselves ? We do it singly or as couples or small groups.

I hope I didn’t invade this couple’s privacy … they were very happy capturing themselves in the digital domain. I captured their moment in stereo. It was at the base of the Seoul Tower yesterday, on a platform where thousands of tourists have marked their visit in a different way, by attaching ornamental padlocks with their names on to the railings. That’s something I’ve never seen in England.

Selfie in Korea

Selfie In Korea – stereo

But now (obviously I don’t get out enough!) I discovered a new craze … an extension of the selfie idea … a selfie camera on a stick ! It’s marvellous ! Look !

Selfie stick pic

Selfie Stick pic

Needless to say, in my endless fascination with optical toys … I have managed to obtain one of these gadgets !

Ha ha !!

Watch this space ! 




Meeting my great Korean colleagues who make Brian May Guitars so beautifully ! Thank you !

Bri – kum ‘sum ni da !

Bri + Korean BMG Colleagues