Adventure day in Tokyo !


Adventure day in Tokyo ! Acclimatisation time !
Sorry – that should have been “Ikimasho”! excuse me ! Ikimasu means I am going ! which I am !

BRIAN MAY: Tokyo adventure day and sky tree – 01/02/2024

Window on the world

Window on the World — up in the Sky Tree !!! you know – it feels good to be out in the world. Yep. Grateful …

Posing atop the fabulous Sky Tree ! THANKS guys !! great experience ! Tokyo Sky Tree.

Kids of all ages (including me) enjoy the thrill of a glass floor at 350 metres altitude. Warning  – – the stereos may do your head in !

Glass floor - parallel
Glass floor - cross-eyed

— ––

Farewell, handsome tower. Sayonara for now ..

Farewell, handsome tower - paralell
Farewell handsome tower - cross-eyed



A treat for the senses … way too much ! Asakusa

BRIAN MAY: Tokyo – A treat for the senses – and – Goodnight – 01/02.2024

For the sake of completeness ! This vast buzzing room, echoing to loud shouts of “Irrashaimase” gave us a very warm welcome back. The veggie sushi just kept coming and I had peaked long before the meats arrived, by which time I was happy to retire, jet-lag kicking in nicely ! Kampai !!! (cheers !)

The end of a fun packed day ! TOKYO’s road makers got it completely right – in all the ways where London got it wrong.

The end of an almost perfect day. Thanks Minnasan. Thanks Mimmie for this lovely charm, a little piece of magic to take home with me. Good night folks.