At the Super Arena, Tokyo


Super-natural art at the Super Arena ! Super-super exciting !!

Super-natural art Saitama Super Arena Tokyo 26 Jan 2020


Bri and Bri puppet - parallel


Bri and Bri puppet - cross-eyed

Bri and puppet Bri with phone

Bri in dressing room, Saitama Arena 26 Jan 2020

Super-cool Super jets ! And we are set ! As long as the CO2 jets work, what could possibly go wrong ?!!

Super cool jets Saitama Super Arena Tokyo 26 Jan 2020

It’s the little things … ! New things of a night, for a performance, give stimulating triggers – a bit of new song arrangement – a bit of re-ordering of the set list tonight, trying out a new lick, choreographing my planets for the Space-solo – or – a new pair of shoes !! Road-testing some rainbow lace trainers, here, for a possible debut tonight ! It’s the little things … OK – yep – I’m just a big GIRL !!! Ha ha ! Let’s RRRRROCK !!!

Rainbow lace trainers


Rainbow lace trainers


Rainbow lace trainers - cross-eyed

Hey – this is what happens with the CO2 Cryo-Jets !! Side of stage vid by Pirate Pete.

What happens with the CO2 Cryo Jets Saitama Arena 26012020

You folks were great tonight in the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo Town. Thanks – that was such a warm response – so emotional. Don’t know if you realised it, but tonight you saw one of our most locked-in shows – and you saw me at my rare best. For reasons beyond what I can explain, I had a flood of anger and hurt in my body – so much that I had to reach further for the essence of what I do on stage in front of 30,000 good souls. And it gave me joy, and belief in myself flowed in my veins. It was not perfect. Perfection is never what it’s about. It was about bursting through the wall and finding freedom and light. And JOY. So, for my virtual live bootleg album collection album I’ll probably take tonight whole. To feel that amount of power in my body and soul was breathtaking. Thanks for being there, folks. Always.

Bri X