First day of rehearsals… etc


First day of Queen + Adam rehearsals today. Ready to rock a town near you SOON ! See you out there.

Bri - first day of rehearsal
Bri – first day of rehearsal

Not givin’ too much away here ! But the Queenies are back in rehearsals – with a few new twists for home turf !

Well, this is Rufus’s bean ! He climbed a long way up to get this pic.

Rufus eye view from high up
Rufus eye view from high up



George Montbiot always speaks sense our town planners don’t have any.


Here’s me rattling on about something different in Paris: DIABLERIES ! (and QUEEN etc)

Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May on his devilish photographs


Some really nice modern stereoscopic books here…

3D book of Great Gully on Cayuga Lake NY

Stephen Hawking fans ? … this is pretty funny !

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Stephen Hawking Extended Interview (HBO)

Damian Peach does it again Magnificent !

Comet Lovejoy by Damian Peach
Comet Lovejoy by Damian Peach

Good sense spoken here:

5 January 2015
HEADLINE: They might steal your neighbour’s knickers and dig up your dead cat, but do foxes really deserve their bad reputations?