Team Fox and Team Asteroid


Asteroid Day 30 June 2015

Big day for me tomorrow.

I’m presenting our Team Fox briefing in the morning to Conservative MPs.  That’s an important step for us … we’ll be presenting to Labour and to the other parties very soon, too.  But Andrea Jenkyns’ invitation to present to the Tory MPs in the HOC is a great opportunity, and we look forward to making new friends.   The aim is, of course, to keep the Hunting Act in place to protect our wild animals from cruelty.  There has been significant pressure from the pro-hunting lobby for the Government to bring in a bill to smash the Act, and bring back the sadistic sports of Fox Hunting, Deer Hunting, and Hare Coursing, among others.   Keeping Britain moving forward in the protection of animals from abuse is a pillar of our pride in Common Decency as a nation.  

In the afternoon, I’m helping Grig Richters to formally present Asteroid Day, and we’ve been working hard on materials.  This, to me, is an important step towards building us some kind of protection against asteroid impact … which could very easily wipe out a major city without warning … unless we up our game in detection of potential impactors, and in methods of averting a disaster once it is predicted. 

Both of these causes, in my mind, are central to the Human Race.  So … then maybe I’ll be lucky enough to spend a day just making music, and …  breathing ! 


Brian and Andrea Jenkyns

Selfying with Andrea Jenkyns in Portcullis House last week.

and … support from a friend …

Hunting Act - Team Fox