All will be revealed

Missing Diableries card
Missing Diableries card

*WOW !!! Something AMAZING just happened !!! Do you know what this is ???!! A clue: if you have our ‘Diableries’ book, you will gasp ! Like I did !!!

Ouch !!! Very exciting – and suspenseful !! Ha ha ! All will be revealed !!! 

Brian May’s surprise: The last Diablerie – La Cuve 22 May 2018


“I am here with no knowledge of what’s going to happen. A mystery is about to unfold and I don’t know what it is.

A box and a Lite OWL of our own making and a mysterious card inside, which must be a stereo card.

Is this what I think it is? It’s the missing card. My God. La Cuve It;s the last Diablerie.

When we published our book we were missing two of the (one hundred and) eighty or so Diableries …Diableries known to exist and they’re all in the book. There were two missing and we found one on publishing the book. This one apparently has turned up, I believe. Can it be real? can it be real ? It could be a copy but nevertheless it’s the information – it’s knowing that this exists how incredible. The last Diablerie.”

Hurrah ! Yes ! I’ll tell you all about it now …


OK ! This is indeed the last Diablerie ! I should have said that in the ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO known Diableries, created in the 1860s onwards, we were missing only this one – and wondered over the last couple of years if we would ever see it. When we published the book, rumour had it that the missing card was called “Un Reve”, but this turns out not to be the case. Not a dream, but a fantasy ! This view shows the Devil standing in a huge vat of grape juice, making his own wine. It’s a direct echo of a theme which we saw in the very first series – a 22 to be precise. We are literally over the moon to discover this last devil!

And the timing is perfect. We are just about to send an updated reprint of the Diableries book to the printers. We will now for the first time in history be able to bring every single Diablerie together in one publication ! Hurrah !



Had to share this precious view with those of you who were kind enough to comment and share our boyish enthusiasm !! You can free-view it ! Check out the London Stereoscopic Company on IG and Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our stereoscopic adventures !!! This is a good one – very pleasing after all this time to complete the collection.


The last Diablerie - La Cuve
The last Diablerie – La Cuve

A peaceful moment for me today around sunset. Reflecting on how gloriously rich Nature is, when Man doesn’t interfere.

A peaceful moment around sunset tonight

Rhodos in the setting sun light. It’s a good year to be a Rhododendron !

Good year for Rhododendron
Good year for Rhododendron

My favourite Rhodo … close up. Their time in full bloom is so short – grateful to be around for it this year.

Favourite Rhodo
Favourite Rhodo


And in stereo ….

Favourite Rhodo - stereo
Favourite Rhodo – stereo