Mission Moon 3-D !!!

Mission Moon core team
Mission Moon core team

MISSION MOON 3-D !!! It’s my day off ! And this is my day – a final final FINAL polish of our Apollo Moon Landings book – I’m excited ! But these last stages of book-creation are always hard to navigate. We’re SO nearly there now. Checking every dot, comma, and stereo window. Hoorah ! 

This is me selfie-ing with my core production team – Jamie Symonds (designer and compositor) at back, Robin Rees (publisher and editor-in-chief) at right. The hidden members are David J Eicher (author of the text) Claudia Manzoni ( stereoscopic researcher and astro 3-d compositor), Denis Pellerin (budding stereo genius and Frenchman), and Glenn Smith – whose crazy idea this originally was !!!

Back of a van

I really liked this. A little ‘trompe d’oeil’ on the back of a van. So three-dimensional in its effect. Great to see creativity transforming every-day objects into items of … BEAUTY !


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