Thanks Hamburg !!!


Nice pic Gerlind !! Thanks.

Brian stands on Frank's hand - Hamburg © Gerlind-Anicia Lorch,
Brian stands on Frank’s hand – Hamburg © Gerlind-Anicia Lorch,

And thanks dear folks of HAMBURG !!! That was a fitting climax to our German tour !! The best !!! Bless ya !! ALLES.

Home Sweet Home ! (for a moment …) Look !!! Asteroid RYUGU !!! Fantastic views being sent back now by Hyabasa2@JAXA – now only 200 km from the Asteroid – which is about 1km across, Check out their movies ! Because this amazing rock is rotating, consecutive views make nice stereos. Soon we will see even more wonderful detail !!!

Asteroid RYUGU - stereo
Asteroid RYUGU – stereo

So nice to spend time with my amazing son !!! Ein Aufenthalt in Deutschland !

With son Jimmy, Hamburg
With son Jimmy, Hamburg