A little reminder – Walk For Wildlife – Set for penultimate Vegas show


Just a little (probably unnecessary) reminder about what we WILL do … 

Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Will Rock You

Salutations to all who will Walk for Wildlife in London tomorrow. I am in Las Vegas, finishing up our season playing Queen music over here. But my team – the Save-Me warriors – will be out tomorrow supporting the march. Respects to Chris Packham for creating this event. We’re thrilled to see a growing awareness of British Wildlife – worthy of our care, not just because they enrich our lives, but also because they in themselves deserve a decent life. At Save-Me we are dedicated to giving wild animals a voice. We work on the ground, in the public arena, and at Parliament level, working with MPs of all parties. Our aim – like this walk – is to influence government policy towards better protection for non-human beings. Join us. If you care.

People's Manefesto for Wildlife

And we are SET – for the Penultimate Show !!! Look out Las Vegas !!!

Selfie - set for penultimate Vegas show

TWO MORE SHOWS !!!!!!!!! TWO !!!!! Then David Copperfield makes us all disappear !!! Ha ha !

Two more Vegas shows

A hot one tonight ! Some fun ! Thanks for the photo: @jaimethemiracle

Hot one tonight - by Jaimethemiracle

In the Park Theater tonight – boy was it packed and hot hot hot ! Thanks folks for making such a good noise !!! Bri photo by Pete M.

Tonight in The Park Theater

Cheers all !

Bri X