Tsum Tsum – Long Away – Japanese Tour – Getting this now


Tsum Tsum Tsum Tsum ? ! Very cuddly !

Tsum Tsum - mono

Tsum Tsum - stereo

Tsum Tsum - cross-eyed

Wow ! How did you do this, Tracy ??! Amazing ! This song was never a single, much to my chagrin. But it’s nice to see it live on. THANKS !!! 


OHAYO GOZAIMASU !!! (Honto des’?) It’s true !! We will rock you soon !!! Folks … It’s our Japanese tour dates this coming early Spring : Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya. More announcements soon !!!

Tickets on sale Japan

OK – I’m getting this now. But this made me smile a lot … thanks @joe_kindofmagic – nice job, and I hope you won’t mind me borrowing your work !


Times like tonight I realise how much I miss my pals back home. This is Fa – one of the Magnificent Seven rescuee fox cubs now enjoying a life in the sun – thanks to Anne Brummer  and the team at Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue – otherwise known as Save-Me HQ ! These little ones – not so little any more – are now free to roam, but happy to hang for now where they know it’s safe. Love ‘em.



Anne and Fa


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