Autumn Acer – A Hedgehog Day


Beauty ! Autumn sunshine. Autumn Acer colours. Makes me want to take a breath – linger – drink in the moment. But do I ? Do you, folks ? They say we never pass this way again. So we’d better take a few moments to look around. Right ?

Autumn Acer

Well, I paused long enough to do the stereo version. Free view in 3-D or use your OWL for immersive 3-D if you’re viewing on your laptop. Wanted to share this … Thanks venerable Suto-San and your amazing i3DSteroid app.

Autumn Acer - stereo

No ! Thank YOU guys !!!


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It’s a Hedgehog day for us ! My dear friend Noel Fitzpatrick is helping us out (secretly!). We are very lucky !!!

Bri and Supervet
Bri and Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick

Baby hog – about 4 months old. His name is Rag. His two sisters are also with us on this trip to the Vet – well, actually the Supervet. Their names will be obvious to anyone over 55 years old ! Yes, the three babes are Rag, Tag and Bobtail. More later !

Rag the baby Hog
Rag the baby Hog