Royal Couple | Buttercups, Hostas, Soundtrack

Harry and Meghan
Harry and Meghan

Happiness to the Royal Couple !


The humble creeping buttercup. Generally regarded as a weed in the U.K. – but If I let these grow in the grass, I enjoy it a lot more than when I used to try to make my lawn look like a bowling green !!

Buttercup - stereo
Buttercup – stereo

And in mono, with wild life ! Bri Happy Saturday folks !

Buttercup - mono
Buttercup – mono

It’s impossible to have a snail and slug-friendly garden but still grow Hostas ? Right ? Well – try this ! A miniature lake ! GET RID of all your slug pellets and poisons. Make your garden safe for your pets, your kids, hedgehogs, birds, and – yes – our native invertebrates. Yes, it all begins with banishing slug pellets. By the way, that irrigation tube has copper foil wrapped around it. Your slugs and snails will dine elsewhere.

Hostas - stereo
Hostas – stereo

Then you can just put your feet up and enjoy a healthy environment !

Put feet up with hostas - stereo
Put feet up with hostas – stereo

Look ! You can help us ! Contribute to the sound track of the Freddie Movie !

Put me in Bohemian
Put me in Bohemian