Lorraine and Brian - with Rami as Freddie Mercury on screen

On air just now with the ever-lovely LORRAINE. And guess who is in the screen …. talking about Queen in 3-D and BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY The MOVIE.

Lorraine and Bri chat about MM3-D

Chatting about Mission Moon 3-D with LORRAINE a few minutes ago. Thanks Lorraine and team. Photo: Nicole Ettinger.


After all the hubbub of the city … escape to the Rescue … Save-Me HQ – the home of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue. This little girl was brought in 5 weeks ago in a sad state – with a real bad infection and ear mites – imagine what that must feel like. Also skinny and dehydrated – not interested in eating or drinking. Running a high temperature. You will see in the upcoming TV programme on Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs how she was diagnosed, treated and brought back to health. Now she’s ready to go into a protected ‘half way house’ – to get back to being wild and taking care of herself. She’s called HOPE. Appropriately … 

Go Hope !!! In your own time ! It takes a while … but this is a good feeling ! Makes it all worth while – for all of us …

Number ONE ?!! Cool. It’s the best number !!! Thanks folks for the support – hope you enjoy this immersive 3-D tome !!

Mission Moon 3-D - No1 on Amazon Prime

So close !

Brian: “So close !” – You had the power …16/10/2018

Wild Dreams ! The Save-Me executive board (me and the legendary Anne Brummer) making plans for the long term future of the wildlife rescue – in a new location which we hope to turn into a permanent haven for British wild animals.

Anne and Bri in new wildlife location