Out on the town today


Out on the town today, peddling my wares !! Getting 3-D photography across on radio is a bit of a challenge !! TWO new stereo books ! Alike in dignity !! 

Bri at Sky News promoting Qin3-D and MM3-DA very moving sculpture at the SKY TV studios – a magnificent Whale’s tail disappearing into a sea of hideous plastic rubbish. A sign of the times. And a message so worth putting out there. 

Whale sculpture swimming in sea of plastic - Sky Studios

Whale in an ocean of plastic debris. And even more striking in 3-D !! Free-view this – or view it on your laptop using an OWL stereoscope – or, if this is all double-dutch to you, please visit our LondonStereo.com website to learn the secrets of STEREOSCOPY !!!

Whale sculpture - 3-D

Welcome to the new Mission Moon 3-D Instagram account ! Please follow to keep up with Apollo Moon landing talk !

Bri at Absolute Radio

Look ! This should be exciting ! Looks like we get to ‘own’ Carnaby Street for a moment in time ! Swingin’ London swings again ! Come on down from the 18th !

Bohemian Rhapsody billboard - Carnaby Street

Demonstrating … erm … something … with the LITE OWLS which are flying with Mission Moon 3-D and the new (LITE and updated) edition of QUEEN in 3-D. With Richard Allinson today at MAGIC RADIO. @magicfm

Bri and Richard Allinson with Lite OWLS at MagicFM

Grab a copy – Quick !

 Astronomy Magazine December 2018

Magic FM is giving away these two signed books – tune in to Richard Allinson – seen her with Bri, shamelessly promoting Queen in 3-D and Mission Moon 3-D !!!

Bri and Richard Allinson with Queen In 3-D and Mission Moon 3-D


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