Real life – or fantasy ?


OK. Question: Real Life – or Fantasy ? Are you sure ?! In spite of all that dazzling technical skill in bringing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY to the screen, if the actors themselves had not been extraordinarily convincing, it would all have come to nothing. But those four guys (along with a wonderful supporting cast) achieved such an incredible portrayal that over the last few days while we’ve been watching them perform the bits of Live Aid which are NOT in the film, so many times I’ve forgotten that we’re not watching US in 1985. That’s the final reason why the movie is causing a flood of tears around the world – sad tears but ultimately tears of joy. I hear it every day.

Well done BR TEAM – every last one of you. And thanks folks. For the belief. And perhaps I should say the willing suspension of disbelief ! And just one more BIG thank you. To the good people of 20th FOX Films whose belief made this whole thing finally come to fruition. OK. Real life ? Or fantasy ?

Brian May: Real Life or Fantasy?

So many miracles right in front of our eyes – especially in 3-D ! Taken using the i3DSteroid app. Thank you Mr Suto !

Raspberry in stereo

Bri. To find these, “Queen Funko Pop! Brian”

Brian May Funko Pop! figure

Brian May Funko Pop! figure