What’s this ? Hang on…


What’s this ? Hang on – Freddie’s got a guitar in his hands …This bit isn’t in the movie, right ?

Rami as Freddie - Live Aid - with guitar
Photo 7 Nov 2018

So nobody’s seen this moment from Live Aid in the movie – right ? Right. But we’re now back in Twickenham producing a FULL LENGTH look at the Queen Live Aid set … so watch out, folks ! Where could this lead ?!

Gotta say, it’s getting ME excited. I don’t think most people have yet realised the stupendous achievement in vision and sound that recreating that moment in Wembley Stadium represents. Never have the forces of creative camera work and CGI pushed the envelope this far. Not a single frame of what you see in the movie was taken from 1985. In vision it’s a magical recreation – and pictured in a way it never could have been at the time.

I hope our tech guys get an award for this – they really deserve it. Of course what we’re doing here is mixing sound. And this is another triumph – Paul Massey and his team – apart from skilfully remixing our performance from 1985, he mixes in dozens of elements to create an audience all around us in the cinema. That feeling of hyper-reality is part of the reason the film engages people so powerfully out there. Award for Paul Massey please !!! Colossal !!!

BR Live Aid Audience
Photo 7 Nov 2018


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