UK Rock Music Chart – No 1 Movie Around the World and Asteroid Bennu


Wow ! UK Rock music chart this week. Things happening I never would have thought possible. Thanks folks. Thrilled.


Rock singles chart

Rock Singles Chart

Thank you folks – all around the world – for for voting with your feet, and your joy, and your tears. We are over the Moon.


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Bohemian Rhapsody No 1 movie in the world

Beauty !! The first ever side-by side rotating stereoscopic portrait of asteroid BENNU ! Made by my gifted friend Claudia Manzoni tonight !!! From data just released from the Osiris Rex mission. Great stuff !!! And she looks like the sister of RYUGU !!!

* * * To see it in glorious 3-D, Free-view it (like a ‘magic eye’ picture – relaxing your convergence to a distant place !) or use an OWL !!! OWLS are ALWAYS AVAILABLE from !!! Credit NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona. The original file is on the NASA Bennu site at this link …. —- and big thanks to DANTE LAURETTA !