Christmas treat


A Christmas treat !! Like o other ! In all my days months and years, I have to admit I have never had a pedicure. This is cool ! Thanks Thuy !!!

Brian May: A Christmas treat pedicure

Brian's nails

This is what I came in for. These days I’m dependent on Powder Gel. My finger nails don’t hold up to the guitar playing. In fact these nail coverings have really changed my life on tour. I recommend them to any guitarist. They’re hard as iron. So much so, I often now use one of them in place of a pick. So when I drop my sixpence I don’t care any more. Of course it’s addictive. When the coverings finally fall off about 2 months later your nails are in a hopeless state – like paper. So back to the Vietnamese nail salon you go !

At Pizza Express

A nice Pizza getaway. I haven’t relaxed so much in months ! Ha ha. Notice the VEGAN menu. Now I do not pretend to be a Vegan. Or even a strict vegetarian – I’m still work in progress, so I don’t do any preaching. But I find more and more I want to eat Vegan food when it’s on offer. And it’s definitely getting easier. PIZZA EXPRESS now offer this whole vegan menu – and their Vegan Leggera Giardiniera is unapologetically delicious, washed down with a nice glass of Chianti. So I do it. Good for my health (and my waistline), good for lessening the suffering of animals (of course) – and very good for the planet. So that’s it. You don’t need to be a Vegan overnight – just eat more Vegan food !

Me and Gracie the 9-foot hedgehog !! It happened !! We did it !The Lights of Windlesham were illumined in traditional style ! By Anne B and Grace and me. Thanks to cConrad and Graham and the Windlesham Society, and the lovely ladies who ran the raffle, and to all who made it a jolly occasion. Merry Christmas to all !!! Bri

Bri and 9-ft hedgehog
Photo: Anne

Bohemian Hogsody !! The Save-Me Team tonight in Downtown Windlesham.

Save Me Team, Windlesham, 2 Dec 2018 photo by Nigel
Photo: Nigel