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I’m Just a Rolling Stone – #microconcert 19

Brian May: Self-Duet ‘Im Just A Rolling Stone’ 22 Apr 2020 IMPROVED

Is there no limit to this man’s vanity ?!! Not content with duetting with Gary Barlow, Kerry Ellis, three hundred #jamwithbri volunteers and a baked potato, he now has the effrontery to duet with himself !! 

Ancient and venerated Lonnie Donegan song – conceived long before Bob Dylan’s fabulous “Like a Rolling Stone”, and a certain seminal English rock group who may or may not have been inspired to name themselves after it, this song was one of the main reasons I followed the risky path into Life On The Road. For that is what this song is about. 

Hope you’ll forgive my low-tech multitracking !! 

I’m Just a Rolling Stone – original take.

Brian May: I’m Just A Rolling Stone – 22 April 2020 original take IMPROVED


New Horizons

Today and tomorrow the New Horizons probe is securing a 3-D picture of nearby stars using the longest baseline ever achieved by Mankind !!! New Horizons is the space vehicle that made history by flying close by Pluto, and then on, outwards into the Kuiper Belt, and securing those incredible pictures of Arrakoth – the furthest object ever imaged by humans. The probe’s on-board camera system LORRI is imaging the nearby stars Proxima Centauri & Wolfe 359 to determine their parallax-shifted positions as seen from a position nearly 5 billion miles from Earth. The images from the NH probe and those captured back here on Earth will be combined as a simultaneous STEREO PAIR, an absolute first !

This is being done as a public engagement project masterminded by Tod Lauer, under the leadership of Alan Stern, PI of the New Horizons mission. Amateur astronomers can get engaged by making Earth-based images of these stars TONIGHT and tomorrow night to help produce those 3D images.

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More at http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/News-Center/News-Article.php?page=20200417

or search New Horizons Parallax Project.


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