Stereos from the new edition of Queen in 3-D – Number 4


I bet you thought I forgot this series ?! Well… no ! Here’s number 4 of the new BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY stereos from the second edition of my book – QUEEN in 3-D.

The truly luminous Lucy Boynton as Freddie’s Mary, with the truly excellent Allen Leech as Freddie’s ‘personal’ – Paul Prenter – lurking menacingly behind. You will probably never see the movie in 3-D – but you can see these behind-the-scenes moments in full colour Stereoscopic splendour.

If you are having difficulty with 3-D viewing, please visit for help. It’s easier than you think !

For cross-eyed viewing …. [see last image], And for a full-size stereo image [see first of the stereos] suitable for viewing with one of my patent OWL stereoscopes (also available from

Cheers all – Bri


Lucy as Mary - mono



Lucy as Mary - stereo parallel


Lucy as Mary - stereo cross-eyed