Golden Globes, Lizard alert – and Out-take


KBO - stereo

I found a new KBO in the skies in LA. Do you like it ? I’m calling it 2019 BM39 – and nicknaming it “Golden Globes”. It seems to be a sister object to MU69. So I’m donating it to Alan Stern ! New Horizons Inspired !!


OK – I’d better own up, because not everyone is ‘getting’ this, and I don’t want to cause confusion among armchair astronomers ! This was my little joke. I created this object in Photoshop – using photos of our own Golden Globe trophies as the raw material. Then I did a quick home ‘conversion’ to a stereo pair. When I can’t sleep at 4am this is the strange stuff I do !! Ha ha !

Lizard alert - stereo

Lizard alert ! We have a new pal at the wildlife rescue. (Save-Me HQ – aka Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue) We’re temporarily looking after this lovely chap. We call him Eddie – Eddie Lizard ! He’s a vegetarian and enjoys eating the decorative fronds in his special enclosure more@than his special lizard food ! It annoys me that beautiful creatures like this are not left in their native environments. But that’s not Eddie’s fault. Right now he needs some TLC.

Thank you Bryan Singer ! When the BR team were filming this scene, I happened to be around, so Gwil invited me to have a go ! How did I do, folks ? Well, obviously not quite as good as Gwil ! He’s a trained artist ! We had too much fun ! I’d like to see the rest of what happened, captured by the film cameras which were still rolling … some day. In case you’re wondering why this solo doesn’t sound like the ‘out-take’ one in the film, I only had the idea to make that happen later, when we were polishing the soundtrack. In any case, we wouldn’t have had the facilities to do that on the day of the shoot. In the film, you hear a variant take on the Bo Rhap solo which just MIGHT have been the one previous to the final one which made it onto the record! Might ! That’s if it hadn’t been a genius first take keeper. Ha ha ! I honestly don’t remember !