Stereos from the New Edition of Queen in 3-D – Number 6


Bohemian Rhapsody 3-D peeps number 6. The fabulous Gwilym Lee recreating the Bo Rhap solo moment in the film.

You know, I still have to look twice at this to be sure if it’s him or me ! He did me proud and made us all proud. All Hail King Gwil !!

FREE-view this (there’s help at – (and below) cross-eyed. All these stereos and many more are in my book QUEEN in 3-D. These Bo Rhap ones are only in the second edition. But the first edition has a luxury slip case and includes an original patent ‘heavy’ OWL stereoscope.

Ed. Also see  Help with Stereo Viewing (LSC)

Gwilym Lee as Brian May - mono


Gwilym as Brian - stereo - parallel


Gwilym as Brian - stereo - cross-eyed