A year since Stephen Hawking passed away – and London Book Fair


Seems impossible, but it’s a year since Stephen Hawking passed away. One extraordinary scientist and one extraordinary human being. These were happier days – a whole STARMUS festival in Stephen’s honour, and the instigation of the Hawking Medal. We were all privileged to know him.

Starmus full group photo with Stephen Hawking 2016

At the International Book Fair at Olympia today. With Misa and Ryo who – I hope – will be bringing QUEEN in 3-D to Japan – in Japanese – soon ! Domo Arigato !

Bri with Japanese Misa and Ryo

And to KOREA, too, thanks to these lovely people !!

Bri at London Book Fair with Japanese and Korean ladies

Yes ! Here I am peddling my wares to the Book Trade ! Actually it was a lot of fun and we made some good friends for my London Stereoscopic Company ! A stereoscope in every home !!!

Cheers folks ! And … in 3-D ???!

Bri with Mission Moon 3-D - London Book Fair
Photo by Nicole Ettinger


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