Nagoya: Who could have imagined we’d come this far


I keep thinking … who could have imagined we’d come this far along the Rocky Road ? Strange to think we never played an indoor gig with Freddie even half as big as these magnificent Japan domes. OK – now to work — to make sure our show on Monday will sound and look and feel …. stupendous !!!

BRIAN MAY: En route and inside the Nagoya Vantelin Dome 02/02/2024

INSIDE THE NAGOYA SUPERDOME 💥 Walking from backstage, my first contact with the incredibly complex wonders of our new Japan stage, assembled here for full production rehearsals in Nagoya — and, on Monday, our opening show of the tour.

Greeting our great team, whom we mostly haven’t seen since last year in The USA. They do an incredible job for us behind the scenes – so perfectly recreating our stage environment that we can walk on at a moment like this and instantly feel like we’re at home – anywhere in the world. But this new rig is bigger and more ambitious than anything we’ve attempted before. It has to be to fill these gorgeous domes with sound and vision and make our audience members feel they’re not only intimately connected to us, but transported to a new land of fantasy and escape !!! Hopefully a ride they will never forget !!


Nice job ! Thanks !

Q+AL banner - nice job

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