Devilish invitation – Identity Crisis – and – Aaay-O ! DOH


Hmmmm !!! A devilishly tempting invitation !!!

entury Club Diableries invitation

Bri with Ben Elton's Identity Crisis book

Yeeeow !!! Amazing book !!! Only Our Bard Ben could have dreamed this up this shocking story. And in this razor-sharp parody of modern social mores, Ben has dared to go where nobody else has ever gone. All hail !

Simpsons Live Aid

Aaay-O ! Doh ! Is this a ‘thing’ ? Apparently SO ! But I may have to wait a while.

This is what Blabbermouth says:

“This Sunday, October 6 on Fox TV in the U.S., you can see Homer and his family recreate QUEEN’s legendary Live Aid appearance for the latest episode of “The Simpsons”. See local listings for timings or visit”

Well – dear folks in the USA – let me know how it goes !!! We don’t get Fox TV over here. And, by the way, since some of you have asked, yes – ssssh…. some material HAS been officially licensed to the fabulous Simpsons.