A big day !! – Thank you Tokyo pals !!


It’s not glamorous ! But it’s a great way to start a BIG DAY !!

Opening QAL show in Tokyo Saitama Arena !! Tonight !!! Time to clear the mind and polish the chops !! And dust off some rare material !!! Yeeeeow !!! But first … that scrumptious VEGAN breakfast !

Brian May: A great way to start a BIG DAY, Tokyo 25 Jan 2020

THANK YOU, TOKYO PALS !!! In a packed Saitama Super Arena. Two clips captured by Pete Malandrone from on-stage. This is our monitor sound – that I hear – not the out-front sound mix you guys hear. And this how you look to me !!! Great night !!! Thanks folks !! Another epic tonight – show number 2 !!!

Brian May: Saitama Super Aren a, Tokyo (Show No 1) – 25 Jan 2020

Bri X

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