Nagoya – Lap of the Gods – Travelling Gear


Good Morning Nagoya ! I love waking up to this view – Nagoya Castle. Great memories of this place. Definitely feel grateful for this experience at my time of life !! And the T-shirt also says “Gratitude” – fresh from its debut last night in Nagoya Dome.

Brian May: Good Morning Nagoya – 31 Jan 2020

What a lovely view. And we went for a quiet walk to see the castle !!!!

Nagoya castle

Bri with fans waving farewell, Nagoya Castle

Brian May Fans waving at Nagoya Castle – 31 Jan 20

On the Lap of the Gods last night in Nagoya Dome. Thank you dear friends for the love – how was it for you ?!!! That “Wo —— la la la“ singing !! Freddie would be very happy to hear that ! Now sadly we must say Sayonara to Japan. It’s been an outstanding tour, packed with surprises. Domo arigato – a big thank you to you all.

Brian May: Lap of the Gods, Nagoya Dome clip 30 Jan 2020

2020 Travelling gear.

Bri - travelling gear

QAL Soundcheck in Nagoya Dome !

Queen + Adam Lambert soundcheck Nagoya Dome clip 30 Jan 2020

Well, it’s ‘That Day’ back in the UK. Viewed from out here in the wide world, it’s even harder to understand how even 37 per cent of Britons could have thought this was a good idea. But it’s all water under the bridge now – and we now need to get on with making the best of it. Even if you get lemons you can make lemonade – right ? ! Onwards !!! I want to know if this touching cartoon is actually by Banksy ? Or is it an adaptation ?

Image reposted from Twitter @HJAHousingLaw and Pinterest