And the holiday is over !!


BRIAN MAY: Tokyo to Nagoya – the holiday is over – 02/02/2024

And the holiday is over !! A full-on travel and rehearsal day … off to Nagoya ! Bri💥💥💥💥 This is me and our Tour Director Juliette

I hope I never grow up to the point where I no longer get a thrill from just being above the clouds. Always a beautiful day up here.


NAGOYA ! Looks like a suitable Super Dome ! Maybe we should do a show there …. ? Yay ! Stereo opportunities abound !

Nagoya from the air



Sorry, folks – I unwittingly posted the still instead of the movie. Here we go.

Nagoya – Unwittingly posted still instead of movie – 02/02/2024

That childish hunger for hyperstereos of cityscapes never goes away ! You know … somewhere I have a stereo of Mount St Helens in Washington State BEFORE it erupted.

Anyways, nice weather, nice flight in the VSP and … this was a fun moment – looking for the venue we were about to inhabit – and spotting it. You guys can probably get better stereos out of this than me, but in the quiet of the night I’ll have a quick stab (next) …

Nagoya from air - 02/02/2024 - parallel
Nagoya from air - 02/02/2024 - cross-eyed